SSD wax


Where can I get SSD Weed Wax

Since making your own wax is a no-go, where can you get it? You can get it from our dispensary! Or, for some lucky folk, a mail-order or delivery service might bring high-quality cannabis wax right to your door. Those in regions without legalized medical or recreational cannabis, however, are in for some tough luck. While some would-be extractors may sell wax on the black market, BHO sold on the street can be a little sketchy. Concentrates sold in dispensaries are often required to undergo third-party laboratory testing to ensure that residual butane or other solvents have been successfully purged from the concentrate. Without proper purging, you might be inhaling a mouthful of excess butane. Yuck!

Wax and other concentrates are the most potent cannabis products available. As such, you can expect them to cost a pretty penny. Fortunately for those in regions with legalized recreational and medical cannabis, a number of dispensaries have sales for wax on dedicated days of the week. Hoping to save a buck or two? Do your research! Find local deals! More than anything, however, wherever you buy always remember to be safe, purchase from reputable sources, consume in moderation, and enjoy some darn good wax.


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